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people call us renegades...

Welcome to KOL_DAILY! We are devoted to giving you daily news, pictures, and information about Kings of Leon. If you have any questions or if would like to become affiliates please go here.

DISCLAIMER: This is merely a Kings of Leon fan community and we are not affiliated with Kings of Leon in any way. Any form of copyright infringement is unintended.

we like taking on the town...

01. This is a Kings of Leon fan community. We do not tolerate bashing of the band, negative talk about girlfriends or wives, and/or other members in the community. We also don't support any negative talks regarding people that were pictured with Kings of Leon or are a part of their inner circle, (including but not limited to: family members, their record label or friends).
02. Always provide the source at the bottom of the entry when posting news info pertaining to the band.
03. Please tag all entries accordingly. The mods have spent a lot of time organizing tags and we would really appreciate if they would remain neat and orderly.
04. Place all pic spams and long articles under an lj-cut
05. When possible, please make all posts Kings of Leon related and/or interactive. By making the post interactive, others can join in on the topic and share their thoughts and opinions. Just posting a picture or a link to something does not promote discussion or opinions from others and your post will most likely be deleted.
06. We welcome promotion of communities! Page-a-mod if you have inquireies.
07. The selection process for kol_daily is seemingly blunt and fair for the mods and other members. Membership is only moderated to keep out trolls. If you've been rejected from this comm, it's most likely for the following reasons: a.) Your journal is relatively new. b.) You have no friends, journal entires, and no communities.c.) You have a low comment count and your journal seems relatively dead.
08. If a mod comments asking you to adjust something on your post, fret not! We are merely trying to be helpful. We are filled with friendliness here, so have fun! :)